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Join our mailing list for FREE Product Tips and Discounts.
Buy Stun Guns In Boise Here!!!


Arm Yourself with the Best LEGAL Self Defense Weapons On Earth!
As if this world wasen’t already full of problems enough; add criminals, scum, thieves, rapists, murderers, and stalkers to the mix and what do we have? We have innocent people walking around among them vulnerable and defenseless.
The fact is we live in a cruel, dangerous world full of evil and we have no choice but to arm ourselves. The question is are YOU armed and ready?
Can you walk to your car right now and within a second or two pull out a MACE Pepper Gun, Animal Repellent, or TASER to stop a vicious attack on you and your kids? If your answer is “yes” than read no further. But if the answer is “no” than you MUST READ ON!
According to the FBI in 2010 alone there were an estimated 2,246,248 violent crimes committed nationwide. Regarding dogs, another source states that there are an estimated 4.5 million vicious dog attacks per year. I can bore you with statistics but if this is not enough already, you’ve had enough and you’re convinced.
Of course all you need to know now is what to arm yourself with. Well then, you’re at the right place, as you can see Dragon Defense Supply stocks Stun Guns, MACE Canine Repellent, Personal Alarms, Instructional Fighting DVD’s, and more!
Arm Yourself Now and Protect the Ones You Love!!!  
Sources: American, FBI UCR